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Steven has extensive experience working within the camera department as an assistant across different genres including TV drama, feature films, commercials, corporate, music videos, sport and fashion.

Bringing his skills and passion from working in the industry since 2009, Steven founded Cardinal Films in Cardiff in 2012 as part of the Wales Quality Awards, winning “Future Entrepreneur” that year.

Since then he has collaborated with industry individuals and clients within the UK as well as abroad to utilise his cinematography skills on a diverse range of projects.

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Client Testimonials

“When working with Steven expect a lot of energy and enthusiasm. He always comes with ideas and strives to create something striking with what he has available.”
Daniel J. Harris - Producer, Focus Shift Films
“Steven is a wonderful asset to have on set as he will always offer up great suggestions and shot ideas that have proved to be fundamental when in the editing room. Steven can get really enthusiastic about a project and that energy brings a lot of positive vibes onto the floor.”
Leon Williams - Director, 'The Machine'
“Steven is a true collaborator and artist, and elevated my film with his creativeness and vision. He is a positive, imaginative person and his generosity - across the generations, and to crew with different levels of knowledge - is a huge bonus on set. An excellent DOP.”
Teresa Hennessy - Writer & Actor, 'How Can I Be Sure?'
"I couldn't have wished for a better, more collaborative DoP for my first short film. Steve was really well prepared, creative and supportive, and helped make our little film look way more expensive than it actually was!"
Christian Lett - Writer & Director, 'Disable/Enable'


Lighting and Camera
Steven Wyn Owen


Steven Owen - Lighting and Camera

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